Mitsubishi Motors Thailand hands over solar panel system of ‘Solar for Lives’ project to two hospitals in the South, aiming to bring about a carbon-neutral society

BANGKOK – December 19, 2022: Mitsubishi Motors Thailand has delivered solar panel systems to hospitals in Southern Thailand: Khao Chaison Hospital in Phatthalung and Vibhavadi Hospital in Surat Thani, under the ‘Solar for Lives’ project. The company expects to install the solar power systems for 40 community hospitals within the next 10 years to bring about a carbon-neutral society as part of its ‘Environment’ pillar in the corporate social responsibility’s vision ‘To Contribute and Grow with Thai Society’.

Mr. Shin Kubo, Executive Vice President, Corporate and Global Unit of Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said during the handover ceremony: “’Solar for Lives’ is a project in cooperation with our partners among the company and state agencies including the Ministry of Public Health, the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), and the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO).

“Our goal for putting solar panel systems in community hospitals across Thailand is to increase the availability of good healthcare services to Thai people. This project can create sustainable energy sources for hospitals, and promote the government's strategic goals in bringing Thailand towards a carbon-neutral society. We expect to invest 60 million baht for 40 community hospitals within the next 10 years for solar panel system installation including maintenance. The ‘Solar for Lives’ project is expected to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of participating hospitals by more than 17,300 tons,” Kubo added.

For the first time in Southern Thailand, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand has delivered the solar panel systems under ‘Solar for Lives’ project for two hospitals: Khao Chaison Hospital in Phatthalung and Vibhavadi Hospital in Surat Thani. Previously in April 2022, the company handed over the first solar panel system to Namphong Hospital in northeastern province of Khon Kaen, and in June 2022 the second one to Phaya Mengrai Hospital in north province of Chiang Rai.

Dr. Kampanat Kasamsat, Medical Doctor, Professional Level, Acting in the position of Director of Khao Chaison Hospital said, “Thanks to Mitsubishi Motors Thailand and the project’s partners. With the solar panel system, it has reduced our electricity power costs by an average of THB 30,000 per month and allowed us to use these savings to develop other aspects in our hospital. The increased efficiency means we can focus on enhancing healthcare services to all the patients in our community for better and heathier lives.”

M.D. Rungrote Subsoontorn, Director of Vibhavadi Hospital, Surat Thani said, “This project helped reduce our monthly electricity costs by 20 percent from about THB 150,000 per month to just about THB 120,000 per month. These savings and energy efficiency are very important for us. As a public healthcare facility, this allows us to channel resources into other areas, especially in providing better facilities and care for our patients. We want to thank Mitsubishi Motors Thailand and the project’s partners for the hospital’s new solar power system to help us serve our community better.”

Together with other project partners, the ’Solar for Lives’ project also targets a reduction in electricity expenses by up to THB 400,000 per hospital per year, in addition to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, or greenhouse gases . The project is in line with Mitsubishi Motors Thailand’s CSR direction ‘To Contribute and Grow with Thai Society’ and its three main pillars – Education, Environment and Health.

In addition to ‘Solar for Lives’, and in accordance with its environmental policy, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand has also launched other initiatives and projects as a part of its commitment to support Thailand’s drive towards a carbon-neutral society. They include solar panels at its production facility’s rooftop in Laem Chabang, Chonburi, which help reduce C02 emissions by more than 6,100 tons per year. Another project is the company’s reforestation efforts through its ‘Root for Sustainability‘ project.

On its business side, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation expects a 40-percent reduction in CO2 emissions from its new cars and business activities while raising the proportion of electrified vehicles in its total sales to 50 percent by 2030.

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