Mitsubishi Motors Intention

Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading vehicle manufactures in Thailand, producing full line of automotive products. As automaker, our ultimate goal is to serve the best to our valued customer; therefore, Mitsubishi has never stopped to provide the vehicle connecting people to any places in the world, on any surface and in any time which become Mitsubishi Motors tagline “Drive your Ambition”

Mitsubishi Motors recognizes that protection of the global environment is also a priority for humankind as well as carbon dioxide reduction. Under the “Mitsubishi Motors Groups Environmental Vision 2020”, we committed to develop and improve the development, procurement, production, sales, and after-sales servicing activities related to automobiles to be environmental friendly with the target to reduce 70 percentage of carbon dioxide from Mitsubishi Motors product lineup and production process in 2020.

With supporting from government and completion of investment factors together with labor skill, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation engage Thailand as the pickup truck production hub to worldwide nations. Lately, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand was trusted to be the production base and logistic of Mitsubishi Global Small to worldwide as the second Thailand product champion.

Unrivaled Production Capability

Mitsubishi Motors Thailand has continually developed its working system and production process, strengthening these by upgrading its technical units as well as improving technical production skill so these are ready for the expansion of production and global export.

Having care of the important of ecology and economy vehicle production, the assembly factory adopts the aqueous coating system for the environmental friendly painting process work. Besides we have increased the machine equipment ratio, previously 8 percentages in the First and Second Factories, to 40 percentages in the Third Factory for the high level productive and suitable for raw material and upper technology.

The First Factory assemble passenger vehicle; Mitsubishi Lancer EX, and PPV; Mitsubishi Pajero Sport with 75,000 unit production capacity annually.

The Second Factory assemble pickup truck; Mitsubishi Triton, and PPV; Mitsubishi Pajero Sport with 180,000 unit production capacity annually.

The Third Factory assemble Global Small or Eco Car; Mitsubishi Mirage and Mitsubishi Attrage with 165,000 unit production capacity annually.

MMTh Engine (MEC), expanded from assemble factory, has annual production capacity of Gasoline engine and Diesel engine at 502,000 units. The engines we produced were not only supplied to MMTh factories, but also exported to our parents company; Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Japan.

All three MMTh assemble factories have the total capacity up to 420,000 unit annually, which marks impressive fact that Thailand becomes the largest production base of MMC outside Japan.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Four key themes based on Mitsubishi Motors Corporation's corporate philosophy form the base of the company's corporate citizenship activities, abbreviated by the acronym STEP:



Supporting the education of the next generation to create a prosperous future.


Contributing to traffic safety education and the spread of safe driving to strive towards a zero-accident society.


Contributing to preservation of our precious global environment.


Contributing to the revitalization and development of regional communities.

Mitsubishi Motors Thailand considers the 4 key frames as a part of our business mission therefore we do our best to contribute to society under many corporate social responsibility activities.

Support for The Next Generation : Mitsu Im-Jai, Nong Dai Im Tong (Students are full, Mitsubishi is happy).

Since 2010, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand has been running its yearly 1 Million Baht donation for supporting ‘agricultural project for school lunch’ to 50 primary schools in rural area, 20,000 Baht each. Under the theme of ‘Students are full, Mitsubishi is Happy’, MMTh had donated to 238 schools in 58 provinces nationwide.

This main CSR activity also has been joined by employees and local dealers as a part of Mitsubishi Motors family. MMTh was praised by Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC) as one of the Best Supporter to OBEC Schools Lunch Improvement Project.

Traffic Safety

Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Co., Ltd. arrange “Smart Drive” ; the Safety Driving course included basic maintenance tips, driving manner, preparation before driving tips to Mitsubishi customers. We would like to support the safety road, not only for drivers or passengers but also pedestrian.

Environmental Preservation

Mitsubishi Power; synergy for good things

MMTh Power is the volunteer activity encourage MMTh all level members, both Thai and Japanese to gather and do the good things for social. We firstly started with Bangsan Beach cleaning activity in 2014, along the 2 kilometres whereas 230 MMTh volunteers making Bangsan beach clean.

Participation in Local Communities

On every Thai National Children Day (the 2nd Saturday of January) , MMTh donates stationery, sport tools and others needed stuff to the nearby schools in Pathumthani and Chonburi.