The return of Asia’s most grueling rally! Get ready to cheer for Team Mitsubishi RALLIART

Breakthrough our limit in AXCR 2023.

The most challenging thing about AXCR this year is how we can breakthrough our limit to the fullest performance and win the race. It’s not just only the team but also our secret weapon ALL-NEW MITSUBISHI TRITON that are ready to fight this battle.

Cheer for us at Asia’s most grueling rally. Soon.

Update the movement of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART

Victory of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART – Victory that breaks all limit

Asia Cross Country Rally 2023 is the continued legend of RALLIART. Witness from 6 LEG with the total distance of 2,000 kilometers.

3 All-New Triton Rally Cars, Team drivers & co-drivers, Mechanics, and Engineer team together fight through the obstacles as one. One spirit, one ambition, one rally team that breaks all the limit and earns Champion of Team Award title.

There are lots of challenges that wait for us to conquer to create a new legend. Because ‘Rally’ is our soul


It’s not all about winning or losing after the finish line. For us, another important thing is ‘The Pride’ of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART. This is the rally that challenges the limit of the car and team with the total distance of 2,000 kilometers in 6 LEGS, starting from Pattaya, Thailand to Pakse, Laos

Today, the spirits of all three driver teams have proven that we can break every limit in every kilometer. Every of our engine sound shows no doubt in All-New Triton Rally Car. It can fight through every route and weather in any area and manage to finish each LEG in one of the top positions. Result in perfectly earning the championship title in the Team category.

There’s nothing more blessing than getting all the cheering from fans throughout the race. Thank you all MITSUBISHI MOTORS fans for your cheering and support for Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART in Asia Cross Country Rally 2023

This is the proof of toughness of the All-New Triton Rally Car and the team with rally spirit.

Fight for the top – Fight with all you’ve got, Fight for the best

It’s close to the last day. We have to fight with everything we’ve got. LEG-5, a race in the country that is known for the gurling route - Mud, puddle, potholes, and rocky routes. The water splash and the mud splatter are Team Driver’s signature

Step closer to the finish line. What we’ve practiced, we must bring it out. Every skill that we’ve got, we must show to the world to continue our RALLIART legend.

Rally is our soul.

This is our war – The war of Toughness

The tough route is what we are ready to deal with and break through. Today’s challenge is the LEG-4 which we need to drive across the boundary from Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand through Chongmek Boundary Post to Champasak, Laos. It has been grueling with the total distance of 270.32 kilometers.

Nothing is easy because every second is a fight and bet. Getting back on our feet right at that moment when we make a mistake is a must. No ‘Back up’ in our dictionary for our eyes are on the goal. No matter how challenging the obstacles are, we must drive through them. This is the war that we need to win!

Be Fast or Be Last – Faster for the top rank

It takes more than a great car to be in the top rank position. The team needs to be faster. LEG-3 is the proof of this statement. Speed up on the long narrow route and dust track in the hot weather with the total distance of 491.94 kilometers, from Surin through Roi Et to Ubon Ratchathani.

For Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART, the halfway of the race is not about trying to drive to the finish line but it means that we must go through faster and faster for another championship at Laos

Raise your cheering!

Unleash the power – Dare to accelerate, Dare to face the rocky challenge fearlessly

LEG-2 - Whether we lead or follow, we must be brave and accelerate to our fullest performance.

For today race, the brutality is still insane with the extremely hot weather, dust and mud track, and stone ground. Race from Prachinburi through Wang Nam Khiao to Surin with the total distance of 463 kilometers.

Rally is our pride. Every bump and every challenge is our drive to push Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART to fight through and win the rally.

Cheer with the fearless spirit together

This is Rally...Anything can happen

The brutality and challenge are always parts of Asia Cross Country Rally. No ‘Compromise’.

LEG-1 already greeted us with a big challenge to both team and the car. Arouse our adrenaline to fight on the extremely hot road with dust and mud, from Pattaya through Chachoengsao to Prachinburi with a total distance of 206.5 km.

This is not beyond our expectation. Every obstacle is a challenge. If it’s tough, we must be tougher. If it’s brutal, we must be stronger for the goal that will never change - to remain the champion.

With the fighting heart of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART, we determine to get to the finish line no matter what because this is the fight that we must fight together

LET’S MAKE ANOTHER LEGEND – Start creating another new legend together

Official flag off of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART. We are ready to make another new legend in Asia’s most grueling rally, Asia Cross Country Rally 2023 with the distance of 2,000 km from Pattaya, Thailand to Pakse, Laos. Our Team Drivers and Co-Drivers no. 101, 106, and 112 are ready to fight for the goal of remaining the championship.

Let’s cheer together, Let’s make another legend

SHAKEDOWN – Ready to race!

The final shakedown is ready to melt all obstacles in the race route. The victory is for only the one who is most ready.

Shakedown is the final test drive of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART and All-New Triton Rally Car before emerging the power to win all competitors in Asia Cross Country Rally 2023.

The Volcano - All-New Triton Rally Car, Team Drivers and Co-Drivers, and Engineers with Technicians are now ready to the fullest. No fear. Only the finish line is left to finish.

Cheer Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART with all you’ve got on 13th – 19th August!

SECRET WEAPON – The erupting volcano of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART

The new and improved weapon for breaking the limit on the grueling route to remain the champion!

Reveal the erupting volcano in All-New Mitsubishi Triton World Premiere - All-New Triton Rally Car, the newest secret weapon. 100% Car improvement to challenge any route and any limit. Designed and developed from the All-New Triton by Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART and been through the tough test to breakthrough our limit for another victory in Asia Cross Country Rally 2023 in August 2023

Cheer Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART for another championship!

READY TO WIN! Beat the limit for another victory with the team drivers

Unveiling our team drivers for the 2023 Asia Cross Country Rally!

The 3 drivers and co-drivers are ready to tackle another year of winning over the distance of 2,000 km.

Ready for all obstacles, with unbeatable skills and great teamwork for the goal - to lead the All-New Mitsubishi TRITON to the championship!

Great teamwork is the heart of the team MITSUBISHI RALLIART. Cheer us on! With all the power of the team to victory

To be a champion is hard, but it’s harder to remain as is

For team MITSUBISHI RALLIART, the challenge of Asia Cross Country Rally this year isn’t just the distance of 2,000 km., tough route, or unpredictable weather but it’s also how to remain the ‘champion’.

With ALL-NEW MITSUBISHI TRITON in this year, 100% improved to breakthrough all limitation and remain the champion. Being ‘GOOD’ is not enough, we must be ‘GREAT’

Cheer Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART and stay tuned! #TeamMitsubishiRALLIART


Hiroshi Masuoka Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART - Team Director

We will do our best to win our second victory.

Teamwork is the heart of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART

Noriyoshi Aiba

Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART - Technical Support (Body, Chassis)

Kazuto Koide

Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART - Technical Support (Electronic)

Yu Imori

Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART - Technical Support (Vehicle Testing)

Takashi Shibayama

Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART - Technical Support (Engine)

Chayut Yangpichit


Kopong Amatayakul


Chayapon Yotha

Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART - Team Driver Champion of Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR) 2022

To be a champion is hard, but it’s harder to remain as is. I’m ready to secure the Champion title.

Peerapong Sombutwong


Last year, we did our best to the fullest performance of the car. This year, the car is even better. It’s sure to be faster.

Rifat Sungkar


I want to be better than last year. As part of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART, we want to repeat the winning team again

Chupong Chaiwan


Rifat and I promised each other that we would be a champion this year, and this new car will be our secret weapon to win the race.

Katsuhiko Taguchi

Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART - Team Driver Champion of FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC), 1999 and 2010

This is the first time I’m joining the team. I will do my best to be a champion. Cheer for us!

Takahiro Yasui


Although we need to make a lot of modifications for the rally, but with the outstanding car and the excellent team, I believe we will deliver great performances. 


From the first step on the race track to the victory of the legend. The winner of the 35th Asia Cross Country Rally 2022, the toughest rally in Asia.

It's the challenge to prove that the tough track is for the development of the tougher performance for MITSUBISHI MOTORS' innovation and Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART's spirit