It has been 60 years that Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. had run a business in Thailand and had a long relationship with Thai society. With the intention to support and contribute public benefits to Thai society, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Foundation (MMTF) was established, as a non-profit organization, on August 25th 2020 to commit our long term contribution to improve Thai quality of life, and build better Thai society by aligning to CSR vision, To Contribute and Grow with Thai Society.

3 Focus Areas

1. Environment

2. Health

3. Education & Morality

Vision and Missions


To Contribute and Grow with Thai Society


Contributing CSR Projects as the following 3 pillars.

1. Hero Project

2. Functional Projects

3. Disaster Relief


1. Supporting directly in charitable activities and/or providing financial assistance to other organizations including providing relief for natural disasters through grants individually and/or through partnership and collaboration to optimize positive impact to the community and society.

2. Operating or cooperating with other charitable organizations for the public good and benefit.

3. Shall not operating any activities related to politics in any way.


The logo graphic of Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Foundation graphic is image of 3 people holding hands refers to 3 focus areas of the foundation:

1.) Environment

2.) Health

3.) Education & Morality

The graphic also portrays the meaning of Mitsubishi Motors Thailand employees, joining hands working together with determination to contribute to and work side by side with Thai society.