Unleash a new era of power, ready to soar to new challenges on the toughest rally. Come support Team Mitsubishi RALLIART as we strive for victory.

New Race Car Set to Ignite AXCR 2024

In a race where there are no guarantees, only the fastest, strongest, and most united can survive. Our past experiences have forged us stronger. This year, we're not just competing—we're on the hunt for victory. Get ready to witness the All-New Mitsubishi Triton Rally Car dominate at AXCR 2024. 

Support our team, follow the thrill, and be part of our journey to the podium!

Update the movement of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART

PASSION ON FIRE The Ultimate Test of Unquenchable Fire

Testing rally cars in real conditions is crucial for handling tough race tracks.

The "ALL-NEW MITSUBISHI TRITON RALLY CAR" has been put to the test by Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART. Our engineers, driven by passion and teamwork, have shown great results. But we know we can do even better. We'll keep improving every year, fueled by our unending passion for racing.

Cheer on Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART as they aim to win the ASIA CROSS COUNTRY 2024!

The Undying Flame: Eternal Blaze of Victory

To survive the track, you need strength and endurance! It's crucial to have the 'fire of a fighter' and the 'flame of competition' burning brightly.

No matter if it's a win or a loss, Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART knows our spirit never fades. We're charged and ready to chase victory once more this year with our All-New Mitsubishi Triton Rally Car at the Asia Cross Country Rally 2024.