Safety System

Be more confident with complete safety standards

Dual SRS Airbags

Driver and passenger airbag system In the event of a collision, front SRS airbags help protect you and the front passenger by absorbing the force of impact.

Rear View Camera*

When the shift lever is in reverse, a camera above the tailgate captures a clear view behind the vehicle that appears on the DVD display audio monitor so you can back up with peace of mind.

*Available for GT and CROSS

Pedestrian Protection

In a collision with a pedestrian, the points of contact are likely to be the hood for the head and bumper for the legs. Therefore, we built an impact-absorbing structure in the front-end of the vehicle to help minimize injuries for everyone.

Rise Body

The Xpander is highly protective of you and your passengers. From responsive performance the enhances your control to advanced safety features and solid construction that lend protection in the event of an accident, the Xpander lets you drive with peace of mind.

Quiet And Relaxing

The ride is supremely quiet because the passenger compartment is surrounded by special material that effectively absorbs sound and vibration.

Side Door Impact Beam

All 4 doors are equipped with a support beam that increases passenger protection by helping to reduce door deformation in the event of a side collision.


Anti-Lock Braking System

Helps prevent brakes from locking up by pulsing brake pressure to help you stay in control in emergency braking situations.


Brake Assist

Works automatically in case of an emergency braking to promptly increase the brake fluid pressure for a faster, safer stopping of the car.


Active Stability Control

Helps drivers maintain control in adverse driving conditions and during emergency maneuvers such as skidding and a loss of traction due to taking curves at a high speed, cruising on a slippery road or swiftly changing lanes.


Traction Control System

Greatly aids in vehicle stability and the driver’s ability to maintain control of the vehicle in adverse weather and reduced traction conditions.


Hill Start Assist

Ensures your car doesn’t slide down when taking off on a steep ascent.

Coming Home Light

Simply pull the cornering switch towards the driver within 60 seconds after switching off the engine and the headlamps will remain in the low beam position and continue to function for another 30 seconds to illuminate the way for you while walking away for your greater convenience and safety.

Welcome Light

Once you press the remote to unlock the vehicle, the front dimmers and tail lamps will light up for 30 seconds (This system will only function when the headlamp switch is in the ‘OFF’ position.


Emergency Stop Signal System

Causes the hazard lights to flash at high speed if the driver suddenly brakes when traveling at high speed.


Electronic Brake Force Distribution

Functions in unison with the ABS to distribute appropriate brake force to all four wheels of the car, resulting in shorter, safer braking distances.


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