MITSUBISHI MOTORS THAILAND Showcases DENDO DRIVE HOUSE Technology at Education Academy in Pathumthani

Bangkok, October 29, 2020: Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. launches DENDO DRIVE HOUSE ('Den' means 'Electric’ and 'Do' means 'Drive' : ‘DENDO’ means ‘Electric Drive or ‘Electric Powered’ in Japanese) at Education Academy in Pathumthani, showing how the vehicle is a part of a residential power generation infrastructure. It also demonstrates its expertise in key electrification technologies for a future with sustainable energy.

DENDO DRIVE HOUSE is a package of household systems comprising MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER PLUG-IN HYBRID ELECTRIC VEHICLE (PHEV), a bi-directional charger, solar panel and household battery. DENDO DRIVE HOUSE makes it possible to use power generated by the house to charge vehicles and conversely for the vehicles to supply power back into households.

Central to this solution, MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER PHEV is more than just a plug-in electric vehicle. It represents a paradigm shift in transportation, energy infrastructure and lifestyles that are trending towards renewability and sustainability.

Mr. Morikazu Chokki, President and CEO, Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said. “DENDO DRIVE HOUSE at Education Academy is a new education space where visitors can get an up close view of MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER PHEV display, as well as learn how design and engineering effectively come together. Mitsubishi Motors Thailand intends for visitors to discover how MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER PHEV and DENDO DRIVE HOUSE technology can fit well into their lives”

DENDO DRIVE HOUSE at Education Academy, the visitors will have a chance to see MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER PHEV in the leisure experiences. By utilizing the DENDO DRIVE HOUSE concept, which is an impressive Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) energy system, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand can show the benefits of living a sustainable energy lifestyle. Further keeping with the idea of sustainability, deriving all of its energy from renewable resources.

DENDO DRIVE HOUSE at Education Academy is set to open in November of 2020. With promises of interactivity and sustainability, the new education space is sure to become a popular place for visitors to explore and discuss upcoming Mitsubishi Motors innovations.