MTF 75W-85W GL-3 1*24/1L

MTF 75W-85W GL-3 1*24/1L

Product No. : MSC99091 T

Price (THB) : 185

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MTF 75W-85W GL-3 1*24/1L. Manual Transmission Oil increase high efficiency with 'Extreme Pressure and Additive Antiwear' which is the right for Mitsubishi Vehicle Only.

  • Endure in every condition of operation under high speed and high pressure.
  • Suitable viscosity, increase lubrication performance effieciencies.
  • Reduce corrision and noise from operation of cog set.
  • Smooth gear change Approved by R&D MMC that it is the best suitability for manual transmission of all range of Mitsubishi Model.