MMTh Engine Receives Green Star-White Flag Award from Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand

BANGKOK – February 28, 2023: MMTh Engine Co., Ltd., represented by Mr. Terut Butloetcharoen (left), Vice President, Legal Division and Environment Strategy Division, Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. recently received the Green Star-White Flag Award from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Veeris Ammarapala, Governor of Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand at recent the Environmental Governance Award 2022.

MMTh Engine Co., Ltd., the motor vehicle parts manufacturing company for Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Co., Ltd., recently received a Green Star-White Flag Award from the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) in recognition of the company’s environmental management, transparency, and good governance. MMTh Engine has excellently achieved all five evaluation criteria, or dimensions, including physical, economic, environmental, social and management dimensions, emphasizing its determination to sustainable growth while enhancing the quality of life of local community as well as contributing to Thai society development.

Mitsubishi Motors Thailand and MMTh Engine have met all dimensions starting with the “Physical Dimension” including roof-mounted solar cells, four types of plastic waste reduction campaigns and managing up to 10 percent (4,858 sqm.) of green areas within the company. For the “Economic Dimension”, the company has created activities to promote local and community economy by providing company’s areas for restaurants, cafeterias as well as food and beverage kiosks, run by community dwellers.

To meet requirements in the “Environmental Dimension”, MMTh Engine employs a production process that is friendly to the environment (Eco Process) by using water-based paint in the production process. Its products including the Mitsubishi Mirage and Mitsubishi Attrage eco cars are also environmentally-friendly. Meanwhile, to ensure the procurement of products and services are eco-friendly, the company has a Green Procurement Guideline and has also been certified for Green Industry Level 4.

In the “Social Dimension”, MMTh Engine has various social and community campaigns including the recent “Solar for Lives” campaign to deliver and install solar panel system to community hospitals nationwide, “Root for Sustainability,” the reforestation projects as well as scholarship provision for middle school and university students. Finally, its ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and Green Industry Level 4 certifications ensured the company also meet the “Management Dimension”.

The Green Star-White Flag Award is another achievement of MMTh Engine’s and Mitsubishi Motors Thailand’s commitment to sustainable industrial development in conjunction with communities, society and the environment, which aims to support Thailand’s drive towards a carbon-neutral society. Assessments will be based the quality of life and society of surrounding communities, based on criteria set by the IEAT. At the same time, it will help enhance the quality of life of communities around industrial estates and improve career opportunities with sustainable incomes, which is aligned with Mitsubishi Motors Thailand’s CSR direction ‘To Contribute and Grow with Thai Society’ under its three main pillars – Education, Environment and Health.

The Green Star-White Flag Award was created by the IEAT in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate in 2007 to encourage good governance, environment and safety project. It aims to strengthen public participation in plant inspection and monitoring of industrial areas. The award consists of two categories including “White Flag – Green Star Award” which are given to 127 companies this year and “White Flag – Gold Star Award” which are given to 29 companies this year.

The objectives of this project also include ensuring the industrial sector attaches importance to environmental management in conjunction with communities’ acceptance. It is an important mechanism for strengthening trust among Thai and foreign investors who are interested to invest in the region with efficiency and law.

About Mitsubishi Motors Thailand (MMTh)

Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the largest plant in the MMC group and an export hub to more than 120 countries, is one of Thailand’s leading automotive manufacturers committed to produce and sell a range of vehicles that are eco-friendly, high in quality, performance, safety, comfort, technology and customer satisfaction. In 2018, MMTH officially opened Education Academy in Pathum Thani and celebrated a total production of six million units at the beginning of 2021. MMTh’s current range of vehicles includes MITSUBISHI TRITON, MITSUBISHI PAJERO SPORT, MITSUBISHI ATTRAGE, MITSUBISHI MIRAGE, MITSUBISHI XPANDER, MITSUBISHI XPANDER CROSS and MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER PHEV. To ensure the highest quality, MMTh uses its proving ground in Si Racha, Chonburi to assess products from design and prototype stages to pre-production and commercialization. This ensures customers take delivery of vehicles that are second-to-none in all aspects of quality.

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