Mitsubishi Motors Thailand thanks Thais on its 60th anniversary Unveils ‘Celebrate 60th Anniversary of Mitsubishi Motors in Thailand, Give Away 60 Million Baht’ Establishes Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Foundation with the first project of 60-Rai Forest Replanting to Promote Sustainable Society

Bangkok - January 21, 2021: Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Company Limited reaches its 60th anniversary in Thailand. With thankful heart to Thai society, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand aims to continue commitment to its customers and deliver happiness to Thais. From 1961, under the operation of Sittipol Motor Company Limited, it has grown to a full-fledged administration under its current name Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Company Limited, in 2003. The company has been a part of development and growth of the Thai economy and society through investments, exports, environment preservation, technology transfer, social contribution, human resources development, and employment with the objective of achieving sustainable economic and social growth.

In conjunction with its appreciation to Thai customers, the company have launched a number of campaigns and social activities. The first customer campaign is the ‘Celebrate 60th Anniversary of Mitsubishi Motors in Thailand, Give Away 60 Million Baht’. It is applicable for customers who purchase Mitsubishi vehicles from today to 31 December 2021. They will get the chance to win six prizes of 60-baht gold and other prizes with a total over 1,200 prizes, value of over 60 Million Baht. The company will also establish the Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Foundation and conduct the first project of forest replanting activity for 60 Rai to drive sustainability in Thailand.

Mr. Morikazu Chokki, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said, “On behalf of everyone at Mitsubishi Motors Thailand, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all who have supported us over the last 60 years. We are able to reach this great milestone because of the support from the Thai government, local community, dealers, business partners and most importantly, our customers. For the past 60 years, we have relied on our expertise as a manufacturer, exporter and distributor of world-class quality cars, to consciously push the development and growth in the economic, social, and environmental sectors of Thailand. This is considered an important goal of Mitsubishi Motors to run its business in Thailand to maximize customer satisfaction and deliver happiness to Thais. We continue with that commitment with a renewed focus on innovation and technology, as well as upgrading the automotive industry of the country. We believe this will benefit all our customers in Thailand, as well as customers in more than 120 countries around the world which we export to, in line with our global tagline 'Drive your Ambition'. We will also continue our commitment to work together and grow with our business partners and our employees, for a future with continued and sustainable success.

It has been 104 years since Mitsubishi Motors started making cars in 1917. Its incorporation in Thailand in 1961 was driven by an aim to make Thailand as its manufacturing center outside Japan to produce Mitsubishi vehicles for domestic sales and exporting purpose. Over the past 60 years, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand has created a lot of remarkable phenomenon. From the production of only 59 cars in the beginning, it has reached a production capacity of 424,000 cars per year, today. This makes Mitsubishi Motors Thailand the largest manufacturing base for Mitsubishi Motors. Besides, it was also the first automaker to export Thai-made vehicles. Mitsubishi Motors Thailand had accumulated the exported volume up to 4 million units (1988 - 2019) to more than 120 countries worldwide and became No. 1 car exporter in 2019. Today, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand has three Assembly Factories, one Engine Factory, the first Proving Ground to strengthen research and development (R&D) outside Japan and an Education Academy as a training facility for employees and dealership nationwide. Moreover, it has commenced the New Paint Factory and Factory Reconstruction Project with the investment of more than 7 Billion Baht. Over a thirty-year period, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand has invested more than 82 Billion Baht. This year, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand will mark another significant milestone with the production of six-million unit achievement.

“It has been 60 years since we started operations in Thailand in 1961. Moving forward, we establish a non-profit organization, the ‘Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Foundation (MMTF)’ to continue our positive contributions to the sustainable development of Thai society through the three key pillars including Environment, Health, and Education and Morality. The MMTF demonstrates Mitsubishi Motors Thailand long term commitment to contribute to Thai society. And it is my pleasure to announce our first project, the ‘Celebrate 60th Anniversary of Mitsubishi Motors in Thailand, 60 Rai of Forest Replanting’ in collaboration with Royal Forest Department and Thailand Green House Gas Management Organization to source and replant forest in 60-Rai area in Chonburi and nearby provinces with activity between MMTh employees and local communities to create engagement and promote environment preservation awareness” added Mr. Chokki.

To mark this special occasion and to thank Mitsubishi Motors Thailand’s customers for their support, the company have launched the first marketing campaign ‘Celebrate 60th Anniversary of Mitsubishi Motors in Thailand, Give Away 60 Million Baht’. Customers who buy any Mitsubishi vehicles, starting from today to December 31, 2021, stand a chance to win one of the six 60-baht gold grand prizes, worth 1,620,000 Baht. Other prizes include 60 6-baht gold, 400 Samsung 65” QLED 4K Smart TV and 800 iPhone 12 64GB with total value of over 60 Million Baht. Prizes will be drawn once every quarter. Participants are eligible for a lucky draw every quarter until the end of the campaign or until winning, whichever comes first. Therefore, the sooner customers make a purchase, the more chances they stand to win one of the prizes.

“Looking forward, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand will put more investment with more than 36 Billion Baht from 2021 – 2026 for factory reconstruction and new models development in the country to strengthen automotive market. It will continue to emphasize domestic resource management, strengthening automotive production, increasing sales and market share in Thailand as part of our mid-term business plan. We will create the highest level of customer satisfaction and build lasting relationships in Thailand.” concluded Mr. Chokki.

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