Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Continues its ‘Root for Sustainability’ Project for the third year with Mangrove Reforestation in Chanthaburi

BANGKOK – April 24, 2024: Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has continued reforestation efforts for the third year, this time in the Chanthaburi province. Under the ‘Root for Sustainability’ project, more than 12,000 mangrove trees covering an area of 16.57 Rai have been planted in the Kwian Hak Sub-District, Khlung District, Chanthaburi Province. The ‘Root for Sustainability’ reforestation project is aimed at fighting climate crisis and fostering the transition towards a carbon-neutral society. It is aligned with Mitsubishi Motors Thailand's corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment to 'Contribute and Grow with Thai Society,' which consists of three key pillars including Education, Environment, and Health.


Mr. Noboru Tsuji, Chairman of the Board of Mitsubishi Motors Thailand said, “As a proactive step towards environmental sustainability, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand is proud to collaborate with the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources on the mangrove reforestation project. Our goal is to actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and align with Thailand's aspirations for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and net zero emissions by 2065. This endeavor reinforces our dedication to corporate social responsibility, with a specific focus on Environment, as we strive to progress alongside Thai society.


“We are committed to continue supporting this forest for 10 years. Additionally, we will also support the Sea Lives Bank project in the local area to further enhance the ecosystem of this mangrove forest,” Mr. Tsuji added.


Mitsubishi Motors Thailand embarked on the ‘Root for Sustainability’ reforestation efforts in 2021, starting with the Chonburi, followed by Sa Kaeo, and later in Nakhon Ratchasima. To date, the project has successfully planted trees across an expanse of more than 100 Rai, with the aim of fostering a more sustainable environment for local communities.


“Planting mangrove forests to absorb carbon dioxide is a crucial measure in combating the greenhouse effect, a major contributor to climate change. This is because mangrove forests have the potential to absorb up to 9.4 tons of carbon dioxide per Rai per year, making them one of the most effective forms of greenhouse gas reduction. Additionally, mangrove forests help protect coastal areas from erosion caused by wind and waves, thus maintaining the balance of coastal ecosystems,” Dr. Pinsak Suraswadi, Director General Department of Marine and Coastal Resources said.


Dr. Pinsak also highlighted the Department's role as the primary agency responsible for mangrove forest conservation. They have launched mangrove reforestation projects to encourage private sector participation in conservation efforts. Participating companies contribute to the expansion of mangrove forest areas and earn carbon credits, in addition to enhancing the quality of life for coastal communities by promoting biodiversity and providing additional sources of aquatic wildlife.


“Chanthaburi Province is renowned for its natural richness, encompassing forests, mountains, and coastlines. It is particularly famous for its agricultural products and seafood, making it a hub for agriculture and marine produce. Most communities in Khlung District primarily engage in rice farming and fishing. Consequently, the coastal ecosystem holds significant importance for these communities. The collective effort in mangrove reforestation across all sectors is a step forward in enhancing the environmental system and ensuring a sustainable food source for coastal communities in the future,” said Mr. Chakkaphong Phanchot, Khlung District Chief, Chanthaburi Province.


To support activities during the event, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand utilized its eco-friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles including the Xpander Cross HEV with full hybrid technologies that combined an engine with electric motor to deliver eco-friendly motoring experience for up to seven people. Meanwhile, the All-New Triton pickup trucks with excellent drivability and road handling on all types of terrains, featuring a more powerful engine with increased power, lower CO2 emissions and better fuel efficiency, were used to transfer trees to the activity site, as the Outlander PHEV with its 1,500 watts output capacity suitable for a variety of electrical appliances was used to power the electrical appliances at the event.


For 63 years, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand has operated in the country with a steadfast commitment to support sustainable economic and society growth. The company has placed a strong focus on a production process that is friendly to the environment, eco-friendly product development and the implementation of environmentally friendly practices through various environmental initiatives. The Root for Sustainability reforestation project established to expand community forest areas, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and propel Thailand towards a sustainable future.

Photos of 3rd ‘Root for Sustainability’

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