Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Elevates Sales and Service Excellence at 23rd Skills Contest, Focusing on Delivering Best Customer Experience

BANGKOK – May 28, 2024: Mitsubishi Motors Thailand recently hosted its 23rd Skills Contest, emphasizing its commitment to embrace customer feedback as a catalyst to elevate service excellence and boost sales performance. The competition's focus on recognizing exceptional talent across seven working categories from dealers nationwide reaffirms Mitsubishi's enduring commitment to constantly improve sales and aftersales service quality to deliver the most impressive experience to customers at every touchpoint, aiming to create the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Mr. Sarote Maartlert, Executive Vice President, Sales and Aftersales, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand, said, “The Skills Contest aims to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities of all Sales Consultant, Service Advisor, Customer Relations Officer, Parts Officer, Periodic Maintenance Technician, Diagnostic Technician, and Service Advisor for Body and Paint, at all Mitsubishi Dealerships nationwide. Through education and training from the Mitsubishi Motors Education Academy, we continue to prioritize standardized operations while embracing the ‘Customer Voice’ concept to enhance the capabilities of dealer employees as they are the ones who ultimately deliver the most impressive, heart-felt experience to customers at every touchpoint throughout sales and aftersales services.”


The Mitsubishi Motors Skills Contest Fiscal Year 2023 encompasses all seven categories of service, covering every aspect of customer service. It begins with sales consultants (SC) providing product information, understanding customer needs, and offering advice on various usage aspects and test-drives when customers express interest in purchasing a vehicle. Subsequently, customer relations officers (CRO) notify and schedule appointments, while service advisors (SA) welcome customers, listen to their requirements, and provide guidance for problem resolutions according to customer preferences.


For vehicle inspections, coordination with technical service technicians (PM technicians) or diagnostic technicians (Diagnostic technician) is necessary at the service center, along with parts officers (Parts Officers) preparing parts to support quality repairs promptly, as notified by customers. In cases of collision damage, service advisors at the body and paint repair center (SA-BP) can offer accurate guidance according to standards, ensuring customers have the best quality of body and paint repairs.


Earlier, the selection process involved three rounds from dealership staffs nationwide, with 3,051 participants in the first round. From there, 325 proceeded to the second round, leaving just 65 contestants for the final round. The finalists, representing the pinnacle of competitors in this event, competed in the championship round, with a focus on customer feedback scenarios at the Mitsubishi Motors Education Academy.

Mr. Sarawut Rinthon

The winner of Sales Consultant Category, Mr. Sarawut Rinthon from Mitsu Rungcharoen Co., Ltd. (Head Office), said,” Determination, dedication, and incessant effort are key factors to win this prestigious award.  Even though I have only been working here for a little over 1 year, I believe in the Mitsubishi Motors brand. I always have product information ready to present to customers, and give advice, with care, to customers by considering their needs as the main focus.  These are important elements which build trust between us and our customers. In this occasion, I would like to express gratitude towards Mitsubishi Rungcharoen and Mitsubishi Motors Thailand for giving me the opportunity to develop my knowledge, and skills.  This contest expand the potential of every contestant while unlocking our courage to another level.”

Ms. Pakkaporn Jampa

Meanwhile, Ms. Pakkaporn Jampa, Service Advisor, Mitsu Auto City Co., Ltd., the winner of Service Advisor Category, expressed her impressions on the Skills Contest 2023, “I felt very happy and excited because it was my first time participating in the competition. Before joining the final round of competition, we practiced every day. Participating in this contest allows us to gain knowledge and experience that can be used to further improve our work. For example, I learned to look for more details when inspecting cars such as spotting for any leakages, which enables us to provide consultation to customers about the potential consequences if the issue is not resolved.  This helps me gain deeper trust from customers as a professional who is truly knowledgeable.  My secret sauce for work is: Always take best care of customers, ensure that they are happy and return home with impressive experiences, by listening carefully to their comments, and observing the customers’ expressions. Also, I try to respond to all the customers’ needs, such as every issue that customers report must be completely resolved.”

Mr. Tawan Maikami

“I have been impressed by many aspects of the Skills Contest. To prepare myself for this competition, I often review the knowledge and tips learned from various trainings provided by Mitsubishi Motors Education Academy and put them into practice every day until receiving the award today!  To be more specific, when a customer reports a problem, we will re-confirm by inquiring for more details of the problems following the standard procedures which we have been trained.  Then we will analyze the problem and identify appropriate solutions so that the problems can be properly resolved. I have been working with Mitsu Nana for more than 13 years and am very proud of this recognition!  We will share the knowledge gained today with our younger-gen team members, and encourage them to further enhance their skills,” said Mr. Tawan Maikami from Mitsunanamahasarakham Co., Ltd. (Head Office), the winner of Diagnostic Technician Category.

In addition to the domestic competition, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation also organizes the Global Service Skills Contest at the global level to seek out the top-notch service advisors and diagnostic technicians in Japan. Most recently, representatives from Mitsubishi Motors Thailand, Mr. Jirasak Siripong from Kum Wa Lui Auto Thailand has secured the second runner-up position in the Diagnostic Technician category, while Mr. Worachet Sarote from Mitsu Auto City has earned the second runner-up position in the Service Advisor category. Previously, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand has also achieved the highest accolade as Service Advisors in 2016 and secured the first runner-up position as Diagnostic Technicians in 2019.

Photo Caption:

Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd., led by Mr. Ryoichi Inaba (center) President and CEO and Mr. Sarote Maartlert (4th from left) Executive Vice President of Sales & Aftersales celebrate the achievement for 7 winners of the 23rd Skills Contest at Mitsubishi Motors Education Academy.


The Mitsubishi Motors Skills Contest 2023 Winners List, from left to right:

-         Ms. Sureeporn Hongkham, Mitsu Chonburi Co., Ltd. (Huay Kapi), the Winner of Service Advisor Body & Paint Category

-         Mr. Supachai Dankoksung, Kham Wah Lui Auto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Head Office), the Winner of Periodic Maintenance Technician Category

-         Mr. Tawan Maikami, Mitsunanamahasarakham Co., Ltd. (Head Office), the Winner of Diagnostic Technician Category

-         Mr. Sarote Maartlert, Executive Vice President of Sales & Aftersales, Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

-         Mr. Ryoichi Inaba, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

-         Mr. Sarawut Rinthon, Mitsu Rungcharoen Co., Ltd. (Head Office), the Winner of Sales Consultant Category

-         Ms. Pakkaporn Jampa, Mitsu Auto City Co., Ltd., the Winner of Service Advisor Category

-         Ms. Nednapid Limrak, R.M.A.Trading Co., Ltd. (Mitsu RMA Lumpini), the Winner of Customer Relation Officer Category

-         Mr. Chaweng Dangsathan, Mitsu Autohaus Co., Ltd., the Winner of Parts Officer Category.

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