The Roadside Assistance is valid for 2nd-3rd year from your vehicle delivery date.

Free technical consulting service via phone

Free unlimited emergency roadside repair per year: Excluding the cost of any parts or accessories

Free unlimited emergency towing service with following scopes:

Bangkok/ Metro and Upcountry

  • Free towing service of breakdown vehicle to the nearest Mitsubishi authorized dealer or alternative destination from the breakdown site within 40 km.
  • Exceeding 40 km. will be charged to the member at 25 Baht per km.
  • For long distance towing (in excess of 40 km.), service provider shall negotiate a fixed price with the towing service provider and agree this with the member prior to authorizing the towing service

Free up to 10 liters of fuel per event, subject to 2 times/year: For the vehicle is immobilized or rendered roadworthy while on the road due to lack of gasoline

Free emergency locksmith assistance service: Free pick up the spare key within 25 km. from the breakdown site. The addition km. will be charged to the member at 25 Baht per km.

Continue of journey: Service Provider shall arrange and coordinate for the services on Hotel Accommodation/ Car Rental/ Transportation Ticker for the member to continue his/her journey.The expense will be responsibility of the member.

Medical Assistance Service: The service of medical assistance is the coordination only; if there is any expense occurred will be the responsibility of member as per service listed below.

Medical Assistance

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation (bed to bed)
  • Emergency Medical Repatriation
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains

Terms and Condition of Emergency Roadside Assistance Service

  • Repair or towing of the immobilized vehicle must be arranged by service provider, or the covered vehicle must obtain prior consent from service provider before arranging the repair service or towing of vehicle by another party.
  • Service provider is not responsible for the vehicle’s problems/ incident resulting from an accident or natural disaster.
  • Service provider will not be responsible for any cost arising from damage to any goods or commercial goods carried on the vehicle. The member has to transfer the goods prior to service delivery.
  • Service provider will not be responsible for any assistance services or expenses occurring while the vehicle is towing or carrying more weight/persons than for which it is designed as stated in the manufacturer’s specifications or arising as a consequence of the vehicle being used in motor competition or racing of any kind.
  • Service provider will not be responsible for any accidental damage or mechanical breakdown arising in respect of any hire or rental vehicle including replacement organized by service provider.
  • Service provider will not be responsible in the provision of roadside repairs and towing services to a Vehicle in the absence of the member or member’s Representative.
  • Service provider will not responsible for any costs in respect of any breakdowns resulting form or connected with the vehicle manufacturer’s recall.
  • Any fraud or modification made to the documents in order to keep part of the whole of the fact, shall immediately terminate Service provider’s responsibility over any assistance services and expenses.
  • Service provider is not responsible for the vehicle which proposed for the commercial use.
  • Service provider shall not responsible for the cost of spare part, tire recap, tollway, ferry fares etc.
  • Service provider is not responsible for the delivery or return of the alternate vehicle.

Reserves the right to change the conditions without prior notice.