The Ultimate of Perfection for a 4-door Eco Car

The Ultimate of Perfection for a 4-door Eco Car

  After Mitsubishi decided to join the Royal Thai government’s Eco Car project with the 1st generation Mitsubishi “Mirage” Eco Car which enabled easy ownership access to a top quality product for customers nationwide – the overwhelming market success prompted Mitsubishi to introduce its 2nd generation Eco Car with the launch of the “Attrage” 4-door Sedan Eco Car.

The Mitsubishi “Attrage” caters to the discerning requirements of a target market that wants convenience in functionality, both covering personal and family, or those who want to store more luggage and personal items or desire more storage space separate from the interior cabin area.

Sporty and Luxury combined 

  Though the “Attrage” was developed as a 4-door sedan, it still maintains a sleek stylish personality that delivers a sporty sensation combined with luxury – all qualities that are appealing to the customer; on a par to its Mirage sibling which is loaded with standard equipment accessories that makes the Mitsubishi Eco Car stand tall above the rest of the Eco Car competition.

Let's start with the Halogen Multi-reflector headlights with LED accessory lights fitted to the font bumper area, black chrome front grille for an aggressive look and sporty emotion in the GLS-LTD model; and silver black 15-inch alloy wheels for the GLS-LTD model as well.

The interior cabin design exudes comfort, relaxation, luxury combined with sporty motif in Piano Black color tone.

Leather seats and black synthetic leather with red stitchings to enhance its outstanding qualities in the GLS-LTD model.

​A popular sporty 3-spoke steering wheel design for a snug firm grip and improved vehicleT control to give confidence in every journey, and in the GLS-LTD, GLS models, extra luxury is delivered via the PIANO BLACK & CHROME tones.

Semi-High Contrast instrument clusters help

Semi-High Contrast instrument clusters adds to the style factor of the interior cabin,T while allowing the driver to enjoy clear visibility of vehicle data, enhanced convenience and safety while driving on every journey that promises to be comfortable and most pleasant for every occupant in the Attrage; also featured is an automatic air-conditioning system as standard in the GLS-LTD, GLS models.

Added Comfort with the Best Entertainment system

  The Attrage Eco Car is packed with a state-of-the-art entertainment system as standard that delivers sublime luxury and comfort in every function; experience unparalleled enjoyment with a hi-end Entertainment system consisting of a 2DIN head unit, DVD, MP3 with a 6.5-inch monitor and a BLUETOOTH interface with navigation system in the  GLS-LTD model.

​As for the GLS, GLX models, there is a 2DIN head unit, 6.2-inch monitor, radio, DVD, MP3, USB port and BLUETOOTH.

Convenience and safety is highlighted with a control switch for the audio system that works via voice-control, and a control button to receive mobile phone on a multi-function steering wheel. This allows the driver to have both hands on the steering wheel at all times and maintain eye contact on the road up ahead at all times as well.

The GLS-LTD also features a USB port located in the front compartment area which complements the digital and social media era we live in.

The Attrage also delivers even more convenience with its KOS intelligent keyless system which can unlock/lock the doors from a distance of 70 centimeters only; engine ignition start and stop is done at a touch of a button without using the conventional key system in the GLS-LTD, GLS models. And to add even more safety is an anti-theft system that will start the engine only with the intelligent keyless system in the GLS-LTD, GLS


Luxury options beyond any Eco Car

  As for design features catering to comfort factors include rear space storage of up to 450 liters, compartment space in the rear of the front seats, hanger hooks up at the front seat areas, compartment storage space at the front console, compartment storage space at the front side doors with slots to store water bottles, 5 cup holders within the middle console area, and arm rests in the middle of the rear passenger seats.

Rain wiper blade speed is automatically controlled despite not having to operate the wiper blade control stick. But if it rains and you are driving over 60 kph, the rain wiper will automatically adjust to speed mode 1 and return to normal stop position once vehicle speed is below 60 kph.

The delay system of the electric windows will still operate for 30 seconds even after engine ignition stop before opening the doors.

Headlight operation is automatically shut down once engine ignition is turned off and doors are opened; also featured is a light guidance system which is user-friendly – merely pull in the signal light control stick inwards toward yourself within 60 seconds after turning off the engine, and the headlights will operate at dim mode for 30 seconds which is sufficient time for you to walk back to your home or destination safely.

Just adjust the light control stick slightly and the signal will operate 3 times.

And if you need to perform emergency braking procedures, the hazard lights will turn on automatically to warn other motorists.

Technology to enhance Performance-Safety

   The Mitsubishi Attrage places top priority on safety and performance while driving. A testament to this initiative can be seen in the various systems which employ advanced technology and are fitted to the car as standard features. For example the RMS-FORWARD system temporarily cuts off engine power when brakes are applied suddenly or vigorously so to speak, or when an object is in front of the car. The risk factor for potential accidents is greatly reduced as a result of driver error, or when the accelerator pedal is engaged by mistake.

The time it takes to cut off engine power is sufficient enough for the driver to become aware of the situation and apply brakes before an accident occurs. This system is standard in the GLS-LTD, GLS models.

The FCM-LS system warns the driver of potential frontal impact collisions at low driving speeds – such situations (low speed driving) are considered the most riskiest in city areas or heavily congested traffic zones.

This system detects vehicle traffic in front by calculating distance and speed. If potential collision is detected, the system will warn the driver and automatically send a signal to slow down vehicle speed as well. This system is available in the GLS-LTD, GLS models.

The ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System enables the driver to control the direction of the vehicle in order to avoid obstacles; ABS is a standard feature in the Attrage, as well as the Brake Assist (BA) system which assists by adding brake power or increasing brake oil pressure – if brakes are applied suddenly to stop the vehicle in a shorter period, the system will distribute brake oil pressure electronically via the EBD or Electronic Brakeforce Distribution because in any particular situation each of the 4 wheels require variations in brake force, depending on vehicular direction, road surface conditions, and road grip conditions which is why variations in Brakeforce pressure to each wheel will enhance braking efficiency, predictable braking distance and maintaining vehicle control.

And then there is the  Active Stability Control (ASC) system which assists by helping to maintain vehicular stability by detecting loss of vehicle stability or balance such as slippery or sliding conditions while negotiating corners at high speeds or attempting sudden evasive maneuvers.

Also featured is the Traction Control System (TCS) system which limits tire slip and controls sliding on slippery road conditions. The system controls tire slip on slippery roads in order for the vehicle to maintain road grip.

And long gone is the problematic situation of having to park your car on the roadside curbs, on bridges or parking lot entrances (a frequently seen sight) because the Attrage is an Eco Car that has the Hill Start Assist (HSA) system.

The HSA system makes it easy to switch between the brakes and accelerator while on an incline to prevent the car from rolling back or move forward suddenly because the driver applied to much pressure on the accelerator pedal.

Reversing is a challenge for many drivers because the rear of the car is a blind spot, usually ending up in misjudging the height of obstacles, such as flower pots, cement pedestals or poles to name a few. Hence, the Attrage GLS-LTD is fitted with a rear-view camera to address this problem.

Not only is reversing a problem, parking maneuvers which require reversing will be made much more easier and safer with the rear-view camera.

The aforementioned systems make up what is called Passive Safety.

However if such situations cannot be avoided then the Attrage has standard equipment that will reduce heavy damage, loss to both human life and property – dual front airbags and seat belts – whereby the GLS-LTD , GLS models are fitted with 2-directional retractable pre-tensioned seat belt technology on the driver’s side.

And most certainly, the heart of the Attrage is its overall body frame design. The Attrage was developed with the unique RISE BODY (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) technology, in which the body frame is constructed from HIGH TENSILE STEEL to reduce collapsing of the interior cabin structure during impact collisions for the highest safety standards.

Powerful performance with Excellent Fuel Efficiency

   One highlight of the Attrage that has received widespread acclaim is its top end performance of its engine which makes driving fun and safe.

The Attrage is also known for its responsive acceleration for passing or lane-change maneuvers.

Mitsubishi has achieved an extremely difficult task, which is combine top performance with excellent fuel efficiency.

The Attrage has an outstanding fuel consumption rate of 23.3 kilometers/liter thanks to its DOHC  MIVEC 1.2 liter petrol engine capable of maximum power of 78 hp at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 100 Nm at 4,000 rpm.

Meanwhile the MIVEC engine has also earned a reputation for its environmental-friendly qualities thanks to its carbon dioxide emission rating of only 99 gram/ kilometer – which is an emissions result conducted at a test facility that used the UNECE Reg.101 Rev.2 technique for the GLX CVT model, and passed the EURO 5 emissions standard.

The MIVEC engine delivers exceptional clean performance and excellent fuel efficiency – achieved by cutting edge technology unique to Mitsubishi which consists of CAMSHAFT WITH ROLLER that reduces engine friction – a key factor that causes power loss, increased fuel consumption, and engine wear and tear.

Also featured is the MIVEC (MITSUBISHI INNOVATIVE VALVE TIMING ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM) technology that helps enhance torque levels at low engine rpm. This feature enables for engine power to be achieved without having to rely too much on the accelerator pedal.

​A great Engine complemented by a great Transmission

  For an engine to perform at an optimal level, it must have an equally competent counterpart. That is to say, a good engine must have a good ally that understands one another...a good transmission system.

The transmission must be able to efficiently transfer the power from the engine and reduce power loss to a minimum rate.

The Attrage uses the INVECS-III CVT technology to electronically manage engine operation. An ideal example of this working relationship is the ability to achieve smooth continuous gear changes.

In addition, the system also works in tandem with the INC system which controls and delivers the power train system to the drive shaft automatically. Once the car is stationary while the gear is at “D” mode, the result is a reduced strain on the engine to achieve greater fuel efficiency, less wear and tear and prolonged life cycle.

An outstanding highlight of the INVECS-III is its ability to analyze and memorize driving habits or patterns of each driver.

This is done before calculating results in order to precisely change gears to match specific driving behavior.

It's only natural that different drivers display different driving behaviors, and therefor require different engine responses.

And if you are driving in steep inclination road conditions, the cog-less CVT transmission system and G-SENSOR system will assist by delivering accurate gear mode changes.

Aerodynamic Body, Smooth Suspension

   The Attrage is the ideal success story of optimal aerodynamic design because of its Cd rating of only 0.29.

The benefits of such a low Cd rate is external noise reduction, increased fuel efficiency and improved vehicle stability.

Add the aforementioned to proper design technology and the result is optimal vehicle control, stability and better driving performance.

The suspension system of the Attrage up front is an independent setup of MacPherson struts, coil springs and stabilizer bar. Thus suspension setup delivers comfort, strength, durability and is easy to maintain.

Also featured is a turning radius of 4.8 meters which allows fir greater mobility in all traffic conditions.

Owing to the Attrage’s affordable price that will not strain household income but offer abundant standard equipment levels, cutting edge technology and excellent engine response for every driving condition.

The Attrage is a sedan Eco Car that appeals to customers till today.


Genuine Accessories

The Attrage offers even more alternatives for its customers who favor unique personalities, aesthetically appealing qualities, and sleeker style with genuine accessories by Mitsubishi.

Matching such appeal is the attractive price of a front bumper for 3,700 THB, grey-silver titanium color for 4,000 THB, side skirt aero part kit for 6,000 THB, RALLIART sticker decal for 1,450 THB, rear bumper kit for 3,700 THB and grey-silver titanium color version for 4,000 THB, rear spoiler for 3,700 THB, grey-silver titanium version for  4,000 THB, side brow awnings for 1,370 THB, signal lights on side mirrors for 2,000 THB (only for GLX CVT and  GLX MT), carbon stickers for B-pillars at 750 THB, Warning signal kit for reverse at 2,100 THB, and chrome exhaust tip for 470 THB.

Interior accessories can be custom installed as well. The options offered consist of Blue or White lighting system for vehicle underbody for 2,350 THB, middle console Blue light kit for 1,300 THB, and Semi-real leather seat upholstery for 11,600 THB.

Audio system with navigation system as standard features in the GLS-Ltd model, while the GLX CVT and GLX MT models can have similar features at 31,000 THB.

Apart from this, chrome trim instrument clusters are priced at 450 THB, arm rests for 1,600 THB, Silver transmission gear knob for 950 THB, net for rear storage at 550 THB, storage tray at rear boot for 700 THB, stainless steel cover for side steps at 1,000 THB are available with Mitsubishi logo or Attrage logo, and leather purse for intelligent key at 560 THB.

    Special accessories price do not include 7% VAT tax and/or paint job and/or installation fee.


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