The 27th Asia Cross Country Rally, the toughest rally in Asia, is back with a 1400+ km track, starting from Thailand to the finish line in Cambodia this November 21-26.

AXCR 2022’s race day daily highlight

Leg 5 : 26 Nov [The victory of legend]

Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART won Asia Cross Country Rally 2022 and created a new legend!

With a total time of 8.22.42 hours, Chayapon Yotha with Triton Rally Car (Number 105) took the 1st place, while Rifat Sungkar with Triton Rally Car (Number 118) finished the line in 5th place.

Throughout the 6-day race, which covered a total distance of more than 1,400 kilometers, Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART overcame various challenges, including unpleasant weather and unexpected road conditions. These required both skilled drivers and high-performance cars, to maintain their own standards – keeping them at the top of the rankings.

This demonstrated the strength of Triton Rally Car and RALLIART, the legend of world’s motorsport!

Leg 4 : 25 Nov [Now or never]

The 92.7-km challenge of Special Stage 5 in Asia Cross Country Rally 2022, the route that allowed our drivers to make a full speed. Using their skill and expertise, they maintained their top ranks, and completed Leg 4. Chayapon Yotha was still capable of keeping his 1st first. And Rifat Sungkar also managed to hold onto his 4th place.

Only one day remained to cross the finish line. As everyone in the team was giving their best effort and giving their all for the team, Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART was still able to remain in top-rank group.

Leg 3 : 24 Nov [Leader takes hard work]

Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART and Triton Rally Car had to face a more challenging route from the rainstorm, which made the 227.50 km-distance and the finish line of Special stage 4 full of diverse road conditions.

However, our driver - Chayapon Yotha - was still able to hold onto his 1st place. While Rifat Sungkar managed to climb up the rank and finish the race with 4th place. Our service team also admirably supported the team with under the minute-by-minute supervision of "Hiroshi Masuoka" - Team Director.

Leg 2 : 23 Nov [Keep up the performance]

Drive through the unpredictable route with everything we’ve got!

With the tough road condition, Triton Rally Car and Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART needed to work together with high spirits in every sweat to bring out the full performance of the car, over the distance of 335.66 km.

In this leg, Chayapon Yotha managed to maintain his top-rank, while Rifat Sungkar was also able to successfully move up his position to the top-rank group.

Leg 1 : 22 Nov [Beat the unexpected]

Face the first challenge!

With only a day before the race day to know the road condition of Special Stage 2, there was no time for the last practice, but to jump into the real race.

The Triton Rally Car brought out the full performance of the car and the crew. Though there were some technical issues, our drivers and co-drivers successfully managed to use their expertise to race until the end of the first leg, with a total distance of 430.63 km.

Leg 0 : 21 Nov [The race begins]

Asia Cross Country Rally 2022, the toughest rally in Asia was officially started in Buriram province. Three drivers from Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART ran onto the track of Super Special Stage 1 to rank their starting order in the next day’s race. With the cheering of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART fans right at the racetrack, the drivers got their spirits up! Because we are one team, with the same goal – “victory”.

Update the movement of the MITSUBISHI RALLIART team

SHAKEDOWN [100% Ready]

This is the final test, that we have no choice but to be 100% ready only! Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART revealed their readiness before stepping onto the real race of Asia Cross Country Rally. Let’s cheer us on this 21-26 November 2022.

ENDURANCE TEST#2 [Unite for 'Teamwork']

The car is ready so the team must be ready! This is the point of a rally. Sees behind the working team of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART that unites the team and car.

Being the only one who is tough does not make you win, the most important thing is ‘Teamwork’ when the whole team is united for the same goal.

Prepare ourselves to fight in Asia Cross Country Rally 2022.
Only the strongest team becomes the LEGEND.

ENDURANCE TEST#2 [Born to Race]

“No formula, only spirit” is the soul of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART. This time, 6 lives that were “born to race” test their unity with the car in ENDURANCE TEST#2 - in order to test the strength of the Triton Rally Car and their teamwork. Not only a car, but the drivers also have to be tough as well.

Together, new-blood racers and legendary racers aim at the same goal - winning Asia Cross Country Rally 2022 with Triton Rally Car.

ENDURANCE TEST#1 [It’s time for torture test]

100% is not enough. It’s almost impossible to predict the road conditions, weather, or any obstacle that might occur. We need to overcome all the challenges.

In this ENDURANCE TEST, we’re trying to exceed the car’s limits – to find and eliminate the weaknesses. We drive through all kinds of difficulty to gather the information to advance our know-how. On the race day, we will be the most prepared because “Tough road makes a man”. Let’s prove the toughness of the Triton Rally Car in Asia Cross Country Rally 2022 this November.

ENDURANCE TEST#1 [Nothing easy like the push of a button]

The most difficult challenge for the Asia Cross Country Rally 2022 is the distance of 1,400 km, which both car and crew must compete in unpredictable conditions. For Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART, ENDURANCE TEST #1 is quite a crucial step, to develop both the car and the crew to be most prepared. We test the performance of the Triton Rally Car, which most of the components are the same as the existing Triton model but we tune the suspension and reduce the weight, then test the car on a long ride similar to an actual race. Therefore, during the race, we can make sure that there are no errors in all systems. Making the car tougher and tougher, ready to face any circumstance.

“Be Tough to Survive” in the challenging ENDURANCE TEST of Triton Rally Car

The essential test of Triton Rally Car’s suspension system that has been specially modified by engineers from Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART to get ready for the cross country rally – Asia Cross Country Rally 2022. 

November 2022 : The final test, Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART is more than 100% ready.

November 2020 : Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART revealed the readiness in SHAKEDOWN TEST. Led by Hiroshi Masuoka - Team Director of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART – and three drivers: Rifat Sungkar, Chayapon Yotha, and Sakchai Hantrakul; both car and crew were tested. The suspension of Triton Rally Car was also put through its final test before the legend runs onto the real track to conquer in Asia Cross Country Rally 2022.

August 2022 : The legend is back in the race track with ENDURANCE TEST#2

During ENDURANCE TEST#2, Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART revealed their Rally Team. The team conducted endurance tests of the Triton Rally Car for 1,100 km, in order to test the car’s handling over the twisty course and its suspension, to be ready for Asia Cross Country Rally 2022. Hiroshi Masuoka, Team Director of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART, commented: “.. With regard to the Triton, the two endurance tests enabled us to identify issues and deal with them. We will carry out a shakedown test in November before AXCR 2022 ..”

June 2022 : Triton Rally Car and ENDURANCE TEST #1

The ENDURANCE TEST was one of the most crucial steps. It was set to test the durability of the engine for a chance to identify any oversights and allowed the team to develop the car’s performance for any road conditions. Every kilometer, every bit of dust, and every patch of mud was a test for the driver and our car, which was designed to best simulate the over 1,400-kilometer race. Each had been thoughtfully developed and assembled from an engine, tires, brakes to the suspension system. Whether the road was dry, wet, or in unpredictable conditions. The data was also carefully analyzed in each run through the collaboration of engineers from Japan and Thailand. Together, they created the Triton Rally Car – led by Mr. Hiroshi Masuoka, the former two-time Paris Dakar Rally champion and the Team Director of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART.

April 2022 : First time of suspension tests on the field.

Suspension was one of the most important aspects of rallying. That’s why a special suspension was fitted for the tests. Real driving, real battles, and real testing on the field. It’s about testing and improving to be ready for the toughest and most unpredictable tracks. One of the findings was that it is important to reduce the weight of the vehicle to make it lighter, but also more stable, safer and more protected.

March 2022 : The launch of Triton Rally Car at Motor Show 2022.

The legend is on its way again! The legend returned to the field with the launch of the Triton Rally Car. This race car was developed under the concept of Mitsubishi Motor-ness, which is derived from strength, durability and advanced performance. The exterior design and decoration are in the typical colours and graphics of the RALLIART. Red, silver and black represent the power, speed and success of RALLIART. Triton Rally Car will participate in the 27th Asia Cross Country Rally this year.


Hiroshi Masuoka


“ The team’s spirit is the heart of the rally. We 100% dedicate ourselves to developing Triton to be more well-prepared for the tough race. We all have one ultimate goal, victory. Cheer us on! ”

Shingo Irikata

Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART – Management of Engineer

Yasuo Tanaka

Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART – Technical Support (Body, Chassis)

Takashi Shibayama

Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART – Technical Support (Engine)

Tetsuya Makita

Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART – Technical Support (Engine)

Chayut Yangpichit


Kopong Amatayakul


Drivers & Co-Drivers

Rifat Sungkar


“ We have a word. Racing drivers always see 1 corner 1,000 times, but rally drivers always see 1,000 corners 1 time. We need to have a very good hearing about the information your co-driver says. ”

Chupong Chaiwan


“ I’ve always loved the car race since I was a kid. I’m confident that from the experience of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART, they are able to develop the car that allows them to achieve the goal in Asia Cross Country Rally this year. ”

Chayapon Yotha


“ Today, Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART is back to Motorsports. I’m so proud to be part of the team. It’s a giant leap for me in Motorsports. The desire to win drives me in this race. I’m not scared of speed. I love the challenge. ”

Peerapong Sombutwong


“The car needs to be new and ready every day. We gather together to tackle any issues to compose the car as new, ready for the next day. ”

Sakchai Hantrakul


“ I love speed. Triton Rally Car of Team MITSUBISHI RALLIART, which teams up with TANT SPORT, makes me feel more confident and believe that Triton is going to take the team to the goal successfully in AXCR race. ”

Kittisak Klinchan


“ From my love for the rally and my childhood racing experience, I’ve been respected for my ability as a co-driver. I’m confident in Triton Rally Car’s ability to take the team conquer all the obstacles of the race and achieve the ultimate goal easily. ”