The 27th Asia Cross Country Rally, the toughest rally in Asia, is back with a 2000+ km track, starting from Thailand to the finish line in Cambodia this November 21-26.

Update the movement of the Mitsubishi RALLIART team

April 2022: First time of suspension tests on the field.

Suspension is one of the most important aspects of rallying. That’s why a special suspension is fitted for the tests. Real driving, real battles, and real testing on the field. It’s about testing and improving to be ready for the toughest and most unpredictable tracks. One of the findings is that it is important to reduce the weight of the vehicle to make it lighter, but also more stable, safer and more protected.

March 2022: The launch of MITSUBISHI TRITON RALLY CAR at Motor Show 2022.

The legend is on its way again! The legend returns to the field with the launch of the MITSUBISHI TRITON RALLY CAR. This race car was developed under the concept of Mitsubishi Motor-ness, which is derived from strength, durability and advanced performance. The exterior design and decoration are in the typical colours and graphics of the RALLIART. Red, silver and black represent the power, speed and success of RALLIART. MITSUBISHI TRITON RALLY CAR will participate in the 27th Asia Cross Country Rally this year.