This revolutionary plug-in hybrid electric SUV features a comprehensive package of innovative functions and features that are part of the Mitsubishi Motors DNA. It perfectly combines with powerful S-AWC and EV technology.

Legendary All-Wheel Drive System

The Outlander PHEV features Mitsubishi’s legendary vehicle dynamics control system called Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC), working with Active Yaw Control, Active Stability Control, and  Anti-Lock Braking System which allows each wheel to function independently for greater stability. You can also manually select the most suitable mode for the current road condition.

Easy Charging

The Outlander PHEV can be charged in a few different ways, depending on where you are. All of them are easy and convenient. Just choose the method that suits you best.

Fuel saving at 52.6km/lt with a range up to 55km in EV driving mode alone.

Go farther than ever before with the combination of a gas engine and electric motors.

Source: ECO sticker.

Powerful and outstanding stability.

The Outlander PHEV is the only vehicle available with a Twin Motor 4WD system working in tandem with Mitsubishi’s unique integrated vehicle dynamics control system called Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC). The front and rear motors optimally control the driving and braking force of each wheel, which conventional 4WD vehicles would never be able to do. As a result, the Outlander PHEV offers you greater stability and control in all conditions.

S-AWC Driving Mode Switch


Work on both dry and wet roads as it automatically controls a car to drive and brake by each wheel depending on any road conditions.


For driving on slippery roads by improving balance efficiency.


For driving when it requires maximum traction. It's suitable for driving on rough road surfaces or on the sand.


For sports driving mode, the system allows a car to accelerate and decelerate rapidly. This is used when requiring high power.

2.4 L engine and twin motors

2.4L 4-cylinder DOHC MIVEC engine​ Max. output: 128 hp at 4,500 rpm​ Max. torque: 199 Nm at 4,500 rpm

2 motors:​ 82 hp, 137 Nm front motor and 95 hp, 195 Nm rear motor​

Lithium-ion 300 volts 13.8 kWh battery​




Mitsubishi Remote Control Application

Take control with the new Mitsubishi Remote Control now you can schedule charges, your climate preferences, as well as tweak your car to match your utmost desires.  Supports both iOS and Android systems.

  • Charging Schedule 
  • Climate Control to operate cooling
  • Vehicle Status Monitor to check its status whether on its  locking, lighting, back door, or to help you locate your car with its front lighting.


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