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Safety System

As with every aspect of the all-new Triton, safety is improved.

  • The Collapsible Steering Column

    The Collapsible Steering Column

    In case of accidents, the collapsible steering column will fold in two stages according to the severity of the impact.

  • ABS


    Anti-locking Brake System

    4 channels 4 sensors braking system response immediately to a sudden braking of braking on slippery surfaces giving you more vehicle control. *Available on SC 4WD

  • EBD


    Electronic Brake-force Distribution

    Works in conjunction with the ABS to appropriately distribute brake force to all the four wheels. It improves vehicle control and reduces braking distance.

    Available on SC 4WD

  • LSPV System

    LSPV System

    Load – Sensing Proportioning Valve

    Pressured drum break and suitable pressured back wheel of drum break for all weight containing.
    Available on SC 2WD

  • Double SRS Airbags

    Double SRS Airbags

    Double SRS airbags supplement the seatbelts with pretension and force limiter by providing driver and passenger protection from frontal impact.

  • Side Impact Bar

    Side Impact Bar

    Newly designed reinforced bars help reduce impact in passenger cabin when hit on the side.

  • Front Independent Suspension

    Front Independent Suspension

    Double Wishbone, Coil Springs with Stabilizer Bar.
    Available for SC 4WD

  • Rear Independent Suspension

    Rear Independent Suspension

    Rigid, Elliptic Leaf Springs.

Engine and Performance

World's first Pick-Up equipped with MIVEC Clean Diesel for better power delivering, more torque and exceptional fuel efficiency.

  • Diesel Engine 2.5L 178 PS

    Diesel Engine 2.5L 178 PS

    High power with Diesel engine, common rail DI-D, DOHC 16v, VG Turbocharger intercooler with twin intake manifold, Max. power output of 178 PS at 4,000 rpm and Max. torque of 400 Nm at 2,000 rpm

  • Diesel Engine 2.5L 128 PS

    Diesel Engine 2.5L 128 PS

    Another economy and power, Common rail engine DI-D, DOHC 16v, turbo intercooler with Twin Intake Manifold output power of 128 PS at 4,000 rpm and maximum output torque of 240 Nm at 1,500 – 3,500 rpm. *Available for SC 2WD GL (Diesel)

  • VG Turbo

    VG Turbo

     (Variable Geometry Turbo)

    Optimized compressed air intake to be related with engine speed operation, Variable turbo charger which control and generate compressed air intake and exhaust ratio effectively to continue high torque output for all speeds operation of engine (Both High speed and Low speed). With the intercooler system, we have achieved faste heat reduction and faster temperature cool down to increase and boost air intake for high performance and better acceleration.

  • Twin Intake Manifold

    Twin Intake Manifold

    Fully ignition power for continued transmission since low to high speed.

  • Deep Ball Type Piston Head

    Deep Ball Type Piston Head

    Deep Ball type piston head with having graphite coating on the skirt portion for low friction and seizure resistance to increase the durability.

  • Genius 32 bits ECU

    Genius 32 bits ECU

    Precisely fuel injection processing, cleanly combustion provides fuel efficiency an smoothly driving.

  • Easy Select 4WD

    Easy Select 4WD

    4WD Power button switching from 2H to 4H makes it easy to drive on different road conditions. 2H to 4H switching can be done when the vehicle speed is not exceeding 100 km/hr.

  • Hybrid Limited Slip Differential

    Hybrid Limited Slip Differential

    Distributes torque between left and right rear wheels which still has traction to help prevent the car from getting stuck on rough roads.
    *Available for SC 4WD

  • Steel Chassis Frame

    Steel Chassis Frame

    The new Triton uses a chassis frame with superior durability and toughness. The new development for more effective reinforcement has increase to resist bending including larger body mounting between chassis and frame to provide all driving condition, pick up carry and freight.


Make your hard days work easier to handle with new technology and features



    (Electronic Time and Alarm Control System)



    (Electronic Time and Alarm Control System)

  • Vehicle Speed-Sensitive Front Windshield Wipers

    Vehicle Speed-Sensitive Front Windshield Wipers

    If driver sets the front windshield wipers to the intermittent mode, the system will determine the optimal windshield wiper’s speed based on the vehicle’s speed. If the speed is over 60 km/h, the wipers will adjust itself automatically to fit the speed. They will also return to prior setting when the vehicle slows down below 60 km/h.


  • Low Light Warning Alarm

    Low Light Warning Alarm

    If driver forgets to turn off the low lights after the engine has been turned off and doors are shut, an alarm will go off as a reminder.

  • Power Window Timer

    Power Window Timer

    The Power Window switch continues to operate for 30 seconds after the ignition switches off. It prohibits the operation if the door of driver's seat or passenger's seat is opened after ignition is switched off.

  • Buzzer and warning light

    Buzzer and warning light

    When door is not properly closed, there will be and lights signal on the dash board to inform the driver when the vehicle starts to move.

  • Central lock system

    Central lock system

    Driver can lock unlock all door by using control switches on the driver’s side.

  • Comfort Flasher

    Comfort Flasher

    All you have to do is turn the indicator lightly; the turning light signal will blink 3 times.

  • Automatic Headlight Shut off

    Automatic Headlight Shut off

    Turns off headlights and fog lights automatically when the ignition is turned off and driver's door opened.

  • Cabin Courtesy light system

    Cabin Courtesy light system

    For convenience of finding your personal belongings, cabin lights will be slowly dimmed and off after getting out of the vehicle and doors be closed.

  • Narrow Turing Radius

    Narrow Turing Radius

    Narrow Turing Radius can easily control in limited area, smooth and comfortable feeling seem like as a passenger car.
    *5.6 m turning radius for SC 2WD and 5.9 m. turning radius for SC 4WD

  • Outer Hook

    Outer Hook

    Unique designed of outer hook on rear body for loading that can fasten to more safe the merchandises.

  • Spacious Cargo Bed

    Spacious Cargo Bed

    Double Bed liner has installed for outer cab strongly and stably. Track is tiny for more space capacity and usage.