Feature Feature

Safety System

  • แกนพวงมาลัยแบบยุบตัว


  • Side Door Impact Bar

    Side Door Impact Bar

    Designed reinforced bars help reduce impact in passenger cabin when hit on the side

  • Airbags


    Airbags supplement the seatbelts with pretension and force limiter by providing driver and passenger protection from frontal impact.

  • Breaking System

    Breaking System

    Front Disc Break - Ventilated Discs.
    Rear Drum Brake - Leading & Trailing Drums.

  • กระจกหน้าต่างไฟฟ้าแบบขึ้น-ลงอัตโนมัติ


  • Load-Sensing Proportioning Valve - LSPV

    Load-Sensing Proportioning Valve - LSPV

Engine and Perfomance

  • DI-D COMMON RAIL 2.4 L 128PS

    DI-D COMMON RAIL 2.4 L 128PS

  • Steel Chassis Frame

    Steel Chassis Frame

    The new Triton uses a chassis frame with superior durability and toughness. The new development for more effective reinforcement has increase to resist bending including larger body mounting between chassis and frame to provide all driving condition, pick up carry and freight.

  • Tough suspension

    Tough suspension