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Safety System

High tensile steel structure and strong suspension system giving you more confidence and better in handling and stability. Also, It helps to minimize possibility risk for accidents.



    (Electronic Time and Alarm Control System).

  • Vehicle Speed-Sensitive Front Windshield Wipers

    Vehicle Speed-Sensitive Front Windshield Wipers

    If driver sets the front windshield wipers to the intermittent mode, the system will determine the optimal windshield wiper’s speed based on the vehicle’s speed. If the speed is over 60 km/h, the wipers will adjust itself automatically to fit the speed. They will also return to prior setting when the vehicle slows down below 60 km/h.

  • Automatically Restores the Door Mirrors

    Automatically Restores the Door Mirrors

  • Power Window Timer

    Power Window Timer

    The Power Window switch continues to operate for 30 seconds after the ignition switches off. It prohibits the operation if the door of driver's seat or passenger's seat is opened after ignition is switched off.

  • Electronic Time and Alarm

    Electronic Time and Alarm

  • Buzzer and warning light

    Buzzer and warning light

    When door is not properly closed, there will be and lights signal on the dash board to inform the driver when the vehicle starts to move.

  • Central lock system

    Central lock system

    Driver can lock unlock all door by using control switches on the driver’s side.

  • Comfort Flasher

    Comfort Flasher

    All you have to do is turn the indicator lightly; the turning light signal will blink 3 times.

  • Automatic Headlight Shutoff

    Automatic Headlight Shutoff

    turns off headlights and fog lights automatically when the ignition is turned off and driver's door opened.

  • Cabin Courtesy light system

    Cabin Courtesy light system

    For convenience of finding your personal belongings, cabin lights will be slowly dimmed and off after getting out of the vehicle and doors be closed.

  • Low Light Warning Alarm

    Low Light Warning Alarm

    If driver forgets to turn off the low lights after the engine has been turned off and doors are shut, an alarm will go off as a reminder.

  • Side Impact Bar

    Side Impact Bar

    Designed reinforced bars help reduce impact in passenger cabin when hit on the side.

  • Dual SRS Airbag

    Dual SRS Airbag

    SRS Side Airbags, Driver's Knee Airbag and Curtain Airbag.

    *(Only Double Cab 4WD ATHLETE)
  • Steel Chassis Frame

    Steel Chassis Frame

    The new Triton uses a chassis frame with superior durability and toughness. The new development for more effective reinforcement has increase to resist bending including larger body mounting between chassis and frame to provide all driving condition, pick up carry and freight.

    *(Only Double Cab 4WD ATHLETE)

  • ABS


    Anti-locking Brake System, 4 channels 4 sensors braking system response immediately to a sudden braking of braking on slippery surfaces giving you more vehicle control.

  • EBD


    Electronic Brake-force Distribution works in conjunction with the ABS to appropriately distribute brake force to all the four wheels. It improves vehicle control and reduces braking distance.

  • Brake Assist (BA)

    Brake Assist (BA)

    This system can help providing greater brake force by assisting brake pedal actuation during emergency braking.

    *(Only Double Cab 4WD ATHLETE)

  • Active Stability Control (ASC)

    Active Stability Control (ASC)

    Operates to stabilize vehicle behavior by regulating engine output and brake force when it senses instability in the vehicle's movement or that one or more wheels are starting to slip sideways on a slippery surface road or by sudden steering inputs.

    *(Only Double Cab 4WD ATHLETE)

  • Active Traction Control (ATC).

    Active Traction Control (ATC).

    Restricts any spin in the driving wheels to provide optimum drive force and traction.

    *(Only Double Cab 4WD ATHLETE)

  • Hill Start Assist System (HSA)

    Hill Start Assist System (HSA)

    Prevents the vehicle from moving backward if it senses a gradient when the car is about to move off, the system keeps brake force applied for two seconds after the driver moves their foot from the brake to the accelerator pedal.

    *(Only Double Cab 4WD ATHLETE)

  • Windshield Wipers

    Windshield Wipers

  • Automatic power windows

    Automatic power windows

  • Front Disc Break

    Front Disc Break

    Ventilated Discs.

  • Rear Drum Brake

    Rear Drum Brake

    Leading & Trailing Drums.

  • Immobilizer Key

    Immobilizer Key

    Immobilizer System The engine can only be turned on when the identified key is able to send the same coding signals to the vehicle.

Engine and Perfomance

  • MIVEC Clean Diesel 2.4 L 181PS

    MIVEC Clean Diesel 2.4 L 181PS

    Engine, Aluminum Alloy Block, 2.4 L Common Rail Direct Injection, 4-cylinder DOHC 16 v, Variable Turbo Charger, Intercooler, maximum output power of 181 PS at 3,500 rpm and maximum output torque of 430 N.m at 2,500 rpm. The world’s trusted innovation, light-weight, Tough, Durable, Excellent cooling system with 20% improvement in fuel economy.

  • MIVEC System

    MIVEC System

    MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovation Valve Timing Electronic Control) is a unique engine system with the variable valve timing mechanism developed by Mitsubishi Motors. MIVEC engine system which provides two-step to control intake valve timing and lifting to match low and high speed engine operation to achieve maximum output power and torque, better acceleration, low fuel consumption, achieve fine combustion and low CO2 emissions for environment.

  • VG Turbo

    VG Turbo

    Variable Geometry Turbo, Optimized compressed air intake to be related with engine speed operation, Variable turbo charger which control and generate compressed air intake and exhaust ratio effectively to continue high torque output for all speeds operation of engine (Both High speed and Low speed). With the intercooler system, we have achieved fasten heat reduction and faster temperature cool down to increase and boost air intake for high performance and better acceleration.

  • Common Rail

    Common Rail

    The new high-pressure common rail fuel injection system with a maximum pressure at 200 Mpa enables compete combustion to achieve high power together with maximum fuel economy

  • Cylinder


    Reinforcement in the cylinder with die casting steel for durability and lift time of cylinder.

  • Super Select 4WD-II Drivetrain

    Super Select 4WD-II Drivetrain

    Which employs an electric actuator to facilitate switching between different drive modes and a center differential with a default 40:60 front/rear torque split. This 4WD system provides optimum traction at each wheel for different surface conditions as well as delivering outstanding handling characteristics.

    *(Only for Double Cab 4WD ATHLETE )


Driving comfortably and suitable for all movements with the variety of facilities. Helps you drive more confidently and safety. Mobility in all directions.

  • Apple CarPlay

    Apple CarPlay

    The 2DIN, 6.5” touch-screen system is compatible to play DVDs, MP3 files and Bluetooth-streaming sources, and compatibility with Apple CarPlay* (Only For DC Plus)
    * Apple CarPlay is trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries .

  • Voice command with hand free switch

    Voice command with hand free switch

    able to control the radio by your voice together with hand free switch at your steering wheel

  • Cruise control

    Cruise control

    (new for MT)
  • Turning Radius

    Turning Radius

    Only 5.7 meters turning retain the same class-leading pick up segment maneuverability

    Plus/4x4 5.9 meters , 2WD 5.7 meters

  • Rear View Camera with Guiding Line

    Rear View Camera with Guiding Line